Red Dog

Dr Rick Fenny, founder of the Rick Fenny Group which owns the Pets and Vets brand, worked for many years in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia’s north. During that time he became the unofficial vet to the inimitable Red Dog, a kelpie-cattle dog that roamed the area making friends at every turn but never settling down. The story of Red Dog was made into a film which was released in August 2011. Unfortunately, Rick Fenny had to euthanise Red Dog in 1979 after a suspected dose of strychnine poisoning. Find out more about Red Dog and the film he stars in:

Original Photos Of Red Dog Circa 1977


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FOUND: Red Dog’s original collar!

Red Dog’s original collar turned up in June 2012 at the Karratha Veterinary Hospital.

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Pilbara Echo, 28-29 July, 2012
Red Dog's Original Collar

Best Dog In A Foreign Film

Watch Red Dog’s acceptance speech after he won Best Dog in a Foreign Film at the inaugural Golden Collar Awards: