From the Victoria Park Veterinary Clinic:

“Julian, we really appreciate the care you have given Chevy over the years…. We always feel confident bringing our pets to you.” – Dan and Steph

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From the Lathlain Verinary Clinic:

“Hey Erin, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for looking after Jess (and me) on Friday. It was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life and I am just so thankful that you were there for us. You are a fantastic Vet and I am in awe of you, your compassion and dedication. In all of Jess’s life I have never been to a Vet that is so thorough and caring and that I have complete confidence in. It was so very hard to come home tonight without a little pooch waiting for me but the support I have had from you and everyone has just been amazing. Thank you so much again and huge best wishes for the future.” – Sandy

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From the Lockyer Avenue Veterinary Hospital:

“Dear Anne-Marie, Helen, Hannah, Sarah and all at Lockyer Ave. Vets, I want to thank you for your care, kindness, comfort and support both during and after……… battle against ill-health. I’ve always thought that those who work with animals, are the nicest people and this belief is reinforced by our association with you all.”

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From the South Hedland Veterinary Hospital:

“Soooo happy to have Ambros home thanks to the wonderful team at South Hedland Vet Hospital!”

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From the Karratha Veterinary Hospital:

“To everyone at the Karratha Veterinary Hospital, You are all fabulous and Bumpa and I are very grateful for all you did for him. You are all fabulous and I am so appreciative. It’s so lovely to have consistency when it comes to your four legged loved ones, and you guys really make that happen. He’s in good hands with you, that’s for sure.” – Gratefully yours, Kate, Rob and Bumpa xxx

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