“Our sincere thanks go to Rebecca and the team at Karratha Vet Hospital. Losing Chaos was one of the hardest things we have had to go through, but knowing that he was in such caring and professional hands at the end meant so much to us.”
– Thank you, Mark and Sue Singleton Chaos 03.06.2007 – 27.09.2011

“Dear Lana, Thank you for all that you did for Jonty. On Thursday evening, we were so grateful for the gracious, warm and professional manner in which you assisted us to do what was best for Jonty.”
– With all appreciation, Dix and Jill Lowe

“Dear Dr Lana, Dr Bec, Dr Ross, Jarrad and all the other wonderful humans who cared for me (I’m sorry if I forgot names, I was on some serious drugs), Thank you so much for all the excellent care you gave me when I was in hospital. Even though I felt so sick, you all made me feel so wonderful with cuddles and care and sticky hearts on my bandages. I’ve been to the vet a lot of times because I’m a senior (mum leant that from the poster on your wall) but I’ve never had such consistent care from the same people. I really appreciate it. You guys rock. I think you guys are awesome and I will look forward to mu trips to my vet now. (Not like the time I came to the vey to get ‘tutored’…)”
– Love Bumpa xxx

“To everyone at the Karratha Veterinary Hospital, You are all fabulous and Bumpa and I are very grateful for all you did for him. You are all fabulous and I am so appreciative. It’s so lovely to have consistency when it comes to your four legged loved ones, and you guys really make that happen. He’s in good hands with you, that’s for sure.”
– Gratefully yours, Kate, Rob and Bumpa xxx

“The Christmas tree is trimmed. The presents all wrapped. The Christmas songs sung, and the travel plans mapped. But there’s still a deep sadness that lies in our hearts. A special friend that was lost, and a love now apart. An extra stocking is missing, with cat toys and a treat. Our laps will be empty, a big space at our feet. Yet we’ll remember this reason, your commitment and care. The countless hours you spent, this dedication is rare. Wonderful memories we have to treasure life through. These few months have been rough, but made much easier by you. So to Lana and staff, know how thankful we are, your kindness will be remembered as we wish on Mango’s star.”
– From the Lucas Family

“Dear Lana, Kas, Elly and all the wonderful staff, Just a little poem to say thank you. Thank you so much for all your time, care and patience with Jess. We really appreciate all you did.”
– Love Leon, Danielle, Hamish, and Georgie Eayrs Your Kindness Will Never Be Forgotten.
At times, we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to respond from our hearts to those who have touched our lives in their own special way. With this in mind, it’s important that you receive the recognition and gratitude you so greatly deserve.
First of all, you’re appreciated so much for what you’ve done. Secondly, it’s comforting to know that your heart was in it. Mostly, just knowing you where so thoughtful is a true gift in itself.
You never stop caring or making a difference. With your generosity, you lift spirits and make smiles appear. And now its your turn to smile…. Today, you’re on the receiving end of the warmest tanks imaginable. Your kindness will always be remembered 
– Alicia Churchill