Miracle Delivery

March 9, 2016


A Newman vet pulled off a miracle last week, delivering five puppies in an emergency midnight caesarean for local pooch Bella in the most trying of circumstances last week.     Lucy van der Weide worked hard through the night with vet nurse Haylee Martin to resuscitate the puppies and manage the mother’s anaesthetic, all the while...

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Police dog Buckley meets our Red Dog

December 4, 2014

Red Dog friend

Police Dog Buckley takes some time out to meet the other famous dog of the Pilbara – Red Dog....

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Christmas Pet Care

November 28, 2014


Santa Clause is about to make his deliveries and we are delivering a warning message to all dog owners – KEEP ALL CHOCOLATE OUT OF PAW’S REACH! Cats are less likely to be interested in sweet treats but you should be aware that dogs might seek out EVERY morsel of chocolate! There is a derivative...

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October 30, 2014

My name is Natalie Rouillard, and in association with the Pets and Vets Group, I will be offering small animal veterinary ultrasound services in the Pilbara, from the Karratha Veterinary Hospital, as of February 2015. I have a special interest and experience in ultrasonography and diagnostic imaging and have passed the membership examinations of the...

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October 28, 2014


Vaccinations are the single most important thing you can do for your pet to ensure their ultimate health. Due to the large number of unvaccinated stray and wandering dogs and cats, if your pet is unvaccinated or under-vaccinated, they are at risk of contracting some very contagious diseases. Click here to read about vaccinating for...

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Hercules Update

October 28, 2014

Hercules 3

Hercules is doing well and is improving every day. The black skin is actually dead skin and will continue to slowly dry up and come away from the fresh new skin growing underneath over the next few weeks. We assist in this process by cutting away flaps of dead skin and keeping the wounds moist...

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Heat Stress

October 27, 2014


Heatstroke (heat-stress or hyperpyrexia) is an emergency situation. Pets become heat stressed when confined in overheated enclosure such as cars with windows up, over-exercising in the heat of the day, locking pets in pens with no shade, or leaving them in a trailer can all resulted in death from heat-stress. Symptoms of heat stress are:...

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Pilbara Baiting Program

September 30, 2014

Just a friendly reminder that a wild dog aerial baiting program has commenced in the Pilbara. This will be carried out during the month of September. Poison baits are extremely toxic to pet dogs and can result in death. The baits will remain toxic for several months. For more information contact the Newman Vet...

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Under the Microscope

September 30, 2014

Lucy 1

LucyNewman Veterinary Hospital September marks Dr. Lucy’s 2 years as veterinary manager at the Newman Veterinary Hospital.  Lucy’s strong veterinary interests include reconstructive surgery, dermatology and infectious disease. Lucy and her partner Mitch have a border collie Mieke who comes to work every day and also happens to be one of the clinic blood donors! ...

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