Miracle Delivery

March 9, 2016

A Newman vet pulled off a miracle last week, delivering five puppies in an emergency midnight caesarean for local pooch Bella in the most trying of circumstances last week.
    Lucy van der Weide worked hard through the night with vet nurse Haylee Martin to resuscitate the puppies and manage the mother’s anaesthetic, all the while hobbling around on crutches with a broken toe.
    Dr van der Weide said it was a fantastic result considering the difficult circumstances surrounding the puppies’ birth.
    “When the owners noticed Bella’s pregnancy wasn’t progressing they rung the clinic’s after hours line to bring her in,” she said.
    “I had fractured my toe the night before and couldn’t drive, so my vet nurse Haylee had to pick me up and help me hobble around to do the C-section. I had to laugh at the poor timing, we only perform this surgery a few times a year… luckily Bella pulled through and left with her five healthy babies the next day.”
    Dr van der Weide congratulated the owners on vigilantly monitoring their canine’s pregnancy and said knowing the signs of a difficult pregnancy helped save six lives.
    “I can’t stress enough how important it is that owners know what is normal and signs of an impending problem when it comes to their pet giving birth,” she said.
    “Early veterinary intervention gives the best treatment outcomes, especially for pet owners living on stations and remote communities where it can be a several hour drive to get to the clinic.
    “If an owner has a pregnant pet, it is best to have a pregnancy check-up to make sure the pet is healthy and to ensure the owners are well-informed and prepared for when their pet goes into labour.”

– Source: The Telegraph (The West)