Pet Care

Puppy PreschoolMost pet owners do a very good job of looking after their animal friends. But pet care is surrounded by myth and misunderstanding. How much exercise should a certain breed of dog have?  Should cats be allowed to hunt at night? What proportion of land to water best suits a long-neck turtle?  How many cubic feet of cage space do budgerigars need? Is it cruel or kind to desex a kitten?

Pets and Vets philosophy of providing more information and advice means that these, and virtually any other question, can answered by all and any of our staff.

Owning a pet always comes with joy for all members of the family. But it also involves responsibilities, including the potential for often unforeseen problems such as disease, accident, poisoning, malnutrition or the sudden need for birthing intervention or vaccination against a serious condition.

It is vitally important that pet owners are constantly in touch with the health of their pets. At the first sign of a problem, no matter how insignificant it might seem at the time, pick up the phone and speak to an expert. The sooner a pet’s health problems can be diagnosed, the sooner the most appropriate treatment can begin.