Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Pet health insurance may not be essential for your dog but it’s feasible that your pet’s life could swing in the balance without it some day.

Many an owner has been forced to make the decision to euthanise the family dog because they don’t have the funds to cover an expensive life-saving procedure. A dog hit by a car might need emergency therapy that could easily amount to several thousand dollars. Treatment to save a dog bitten by a snake will easily cost over a thousand dollars. Pet health insurance can prove more than a little handy especially in unexpected circumstances.

If you do decide to purchase pet health insurance, you have to do your homework. Check out what each policy covers for what cost, but also see how long they have been in the market – many insurance companies have entered the area of pet insurance but few have stayed.

The other type of insurance is public risk policy and you should seriously consider this. Far too many people have literally lost their homes to pay costs when their dog has caused human suffering.

It’s easy to imagine the loss and injury suffered by someone if they are severely attacked by a dog. Apart from hospital expenses, the person may not be able to work for some time as a result of the attack. Psychological suffering could see the person housebound for months or even years.

But, you say, your dog would never bite anyone! A meek, mild-mannered animal may not bite but it could easily wrap a lead around a strangers legs causing a nasty fall. Check with your insurance company about cover for your dog biting someone, both on or off your property, or causing an accident. The cover needed should involve lots of zeros before the decimal point – it’s not just peoples’ lives we’re talking about, lawyers will also have to be paid!